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Bounce.ME Curl Spray Gel


For Long-Lasting Hold, Moisture and Curl Definition; reach for the Bounce.ME Curl Gel Spray.

230 mL | 7.77 oz


For Hold, Moisture, Curl Retention and Definition for ALL curl types, reach for the Bounce.ME Curl Spray Gel.

Here to help guard against flyaways and frizz is this multitasking spray gel that helps to create beautiful definition while protecting and strengthening every strand. Enriched with a blend of Kukui Nut Seed Oil to moisturize, Mango to help maintain elasticity, Buriti and Moringa Seed Oil to hydrate plus Vitamin A to protect and strengthen strands- this spray does it all.

Pairs well with the Bounce.ME Curl Balm and Infinite Mist Curl Enhancer Spray.

To Use the Bounce.ME Curl Spray Gel:-

1. Shampoo and Condition hair with Bounce.ME Curl Shampoo and Conditioner
2. Towel dry hair
3. Prime damp hair by spraying/misting Fab.ME Leave In Treatment or Bounce.ME Infinite Mist Curl Enhancer throughout
4.  Start with a coin sized amount of Bounce.ME Curl Balm between palms. Scrunch curls upward to define.
5. Spritz Spray Gel evenly on damp hair
6. Air dry, diffuse, shape or style hair as desired


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