Framar Vent Brush


Let’s Get Blown Away!


Style and Smooth Hair in HALF the time with the Framar Vent Brush!

  • Open vented brush channels more hot air to the hair, speeding drying time.
  • Bristles resist heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Contoured shape hugs the scalp
  • Ergonomically designed handle provides enhanced comfort
  • Great for ALL hair types.


  1. Start your blow-dry on clean hair that has been throughly shampooed and conditioned/treated.
  2. Remove excess moisture by scrunching hair with a dry towel.
  3. Prep hair with a blow dry cream for smoothness and a thermal protectant to guard against heat damage.
  4. Detangle hair from ends to roots with fingers or brush.
  5. Rough dry hair on low heat to remove excess moisture, always directing airflow downwards.
    80% dry for straight hair
    50% dry for wavy – curly hair
    10% dry for very curly hair
  6. Section hair. Adjust heat and air flow for hair type.
    Straight hair Medium Heat/Medium Air
    Wavy-Curly Hair High Heat/Medium Air
    Very Curly Hair High Heat/Max Air
  7. Start blowdrying in sections at the hairline and perimeter of head then move on to rest of the head.
  8. On each section, first blow dry roots then move down to mid length and ends of hair.
  9. Dryer nozzle should follow behind the brush.
  10. Work dryer around each section of hair. Top, bottom and sides.
  11. Upon completion, lightly comb through dry hair with fingers/comb/brush.
  12. Finish with serum and flexible hairspray.

Make the Framar Vent Brush apart of your blow-dry arsenal!

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