Gloss.ME Hydrating Treatment Mask


Restore hydration and elasticity, detangle and strengthen for soft, shiny, invigorated locks.


Gloss.ME Hydrating Treatment Mask gives shiny, silky soft hair just after one use! The unique blend of oils, protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and sativa oil makes hair stronger, fuller and healthier.

Especially for those with wavy, curly, coily or medium to thick hair. Can be used weekly or every other week after shampooing.

Gloss.ME Hydrating Treatment Mask Provides:-

  • Instant shine post treatment
  • Silky and soft hair to the touch
  • Nourishes hair to help prevent split ends and breakage
  • Strengthens hair strands
  • Fights frizz
  • Seals in moisture to keep strands hydrated
  • Increases manageability so detangling and styling is not a total pain

To Use the Gloss.ME Hydrating Treatment Mask:-

1. Shampoo hair with clarifying shampoo for a deep cleanse or a sulphate-free option for a gentle cleanse.
2. Apply treatment mask to clean, damp hair
3. Focus product on mid lengths and ends of hair
4. Distribute product evenly throughout hair with brush, comb or fingers
5. Leave on for at least 5 minutes;  maximum 30 minutes
6. Rinse out throughly
7. Dry hair and style as desired

Do NOT use conditioner if you are masking your hair.

Treatment mask ingredients are more concentrated than that of a conditioner and is left on the hair for a longer period of time.

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250 ml/8.5 oz, 90 ml/3 oz


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