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Quickie.ME Dry Shampoo Foam


Water-free cleansing option for hair.

Absorbs excess sebum and other oils from your roots and freshens up the rest of your hair, leaving it clean while retaining its body.

189 ml | 5.3 fl oz | 150 g


Quickie.ME Dry Shampoo Foam is your quick fix to clean looking and feeling hair with restored volume – no water required.

This versatile, colourless foam is suited for any hair colour and type. Perfect for those with curly or dyer hair types.

Rice starch absorb oils, build up from the reapplication of moisturizers, serums and odours.
Foam conditions hair by preventing static and build up in hair.
Helps to maintain natural look of hair tone.
Natural, non-matte finish.

When should you use a Dry Shampoo?

  • Maintaining a protective style long term (like braids). When scalp and hair gets too grease from constant oiling, dry shampoo foam can refresh hair by absorbing excess oil.
  • To extend the life of a straight hair style on natural hair. After spending hours blowdry, flat-ironing and wrapping hair, dry shampoo helps to clean hair without the use of water so hair does not revert to its natural state.
  • After the gym/physical activity to absorb any sweat build up.
  • When you are just to lazy to wash your hair.

To Use Quickie.ME Dry Shampoo Foam :-

1. Section hair
2. Dispense a golf ball size amount onto hands
3. Distribute in hands and apply to roots
4. Massage product onto roots with finger tips until it dissipates


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