OYA Fresco Quenching Colour Conditioner


Deposit Colour and Condition in ONE simple step! Results are more intense on lighter hair.

200ml | 6.9 fl.oz. EACH


A Colour Conditioner is excellent to help keep hair colours vivid and tone grey hair as needed.

OYA Fresco Quenching Colour Conditioner deposits colour and conditions in one simple step.

Formulated with natural Sea Kelp, Green Tea, Chestnut Extract and Hydrolysed Quinoa leaving hair silky, vibrant and moisturised.


1.Patch testing should be performed prior to each use. Once there are no adverse reactions, proceed with application.
2.Using gloves, apply evenly to clean, damp hair.
3.Leave in 3-5 minutes or up to 15 minutes for maximum colour deposit.
4.Rinse thoroughly.
5.Use as needed to refresh and intensify colour. Results vary depending on hair type and colour.
6. Style as desired.

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