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Gift Certificate


Take the guess work out of choosing a gift when you have no idea what to get for someone on your shopping list.

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You Print & Give To Recipient
After Checkout, you can print your gift card


Show appreciation for your Special Someone with a Gift Certificate!

Avoid the hassle of shopping by letting the recipient select the haircare products they would like to get and when they want them delivered. No more returns or exchange by taking the guess work out of choosing a gift when you have no idea what to buy for someone on your shopping list.

A gift certificate is appropriate for holiday gift-giving or any other special occasion (e.g. anniversaries, birthdays, etc.). It is a lovely add-on option, such as a bonus gift tucked in a gift box, a stocking stuffer etc. Helps control spending and easy to send!

They are also convenient and very easy to use. Simply apply the gift certificate code upon check out. The code can be used up to three times on different purchases until certificate value is fully redeemed. (e.g. Gift Certificate Value $1000.00: 5/Jun retail purchase – Olaplex Cleanse & Condition Duo $520,  18/Jul retail purchase – Framar Detangling Brush $145, 24/Sep retail purchase – Saphira Curl Cream, Hold.ME Hair Spray $335 GC, pay $63 balance via Dr/Cr Card or Online Bank Transfer.)

  • Valid for One Year from date of purchase.
  • Can only be used on Hair Care Products & Tools retailed by ALMT Group Limited
  • Not redeemable for cash or on Sale Items/Specials.
  • Non- transferrable.
  • Re-sale prohibited.
  • Cannot be combined with other Vouchers/Coupons.


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