25 Miracle Collection


Hydrate, nourish and beautify ALL hair textures and patterns!


The 25 Miracle Collection allows you to make MIRACLES spray by spray and one nourishing drop at a time. Now you can hydrate, nourish and beautify your individual hair texture and pattern!

To Use:-

  1. Spray Milk on clean, damp hair to ease detangling and prime hair for styling.
  2. Lightly finger comb and brush hair to evenly distribute product through hair.
  3. Emulsify a ten to twenty-five cent-size amount of Cream between hands and apply from ends to roots. Add more as necessary.
  4. Apply one to two drops of Oil throughout hair, starting with the ends.
  5. Style as desired.

Additional information


Milk 250 mL/8.5 oz, Milk 400 mL/13.5 oz, Cream, Oil

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