Eco Minded Shampoo & Conditioner Bars


Economical, longer lasting , natural, zero-waste, do not leak and do not take up much space!

Choose from the following, whichever best suits your main concern:-

  • Bamboo Charcoal Bar: Lifts dirt, dandruff and oil residue from scalp for those who are oil prone
  • Jasmine Cypress Bar: Moisturises scalp, nourishes and softens hair for dry hair
  • Seaweed Abundance Bar: Nourishes roots and stands, adds volume to fine hair
  • Lavender and Peppermint Anti-Dandruff Bar: Soothes scalp, provides itch relief for those who deal with seborrhetic dermatitis etc

Pairs with the Rose Conditioner Bar.

DO NOT let bars sit in water.


Shampoo & Conditioner Bars are natural, zero-waste, do not leak and do not take up much space!

Have you considered using Shampoo & Conditioner Bars? They are:-

  • Economical, longer lasting and provide more use than the comparable liquid shampoo/conditioner
  • Each 2.3 oz bar is equivalent to two 16oz bottles of liquid shampoo/conditioner
  • Natural and simply formulated, containing less ingredients overall
  • Better for the environment with no plastic waste
  • Practical and convenient, easily tucks away for travel
  • Size 6.2 cm x 6.2 cm x 2.4 cm
  • Come packaged in a screw top aluminum tin that could be recycled after the bar has been used out
  • Suitable for all hair types, included professionally colour treated hair
  • Silicone free, paraben free
  • No fillers or preservatives
  • Vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free, SLS free

To Use:-

1. Moisten Shampoo Bar with water in hands and lather
2. Apply lather to scalp/roots or massage bar directly onto scalp
3. Massage scalp for 3-5 minutes
4. Rinse out shampoo
5. Moisten Conditioner Bar in hands with water
6. Rub Conditioner Bar directly on mid lengths and ends of hair
7. Detangle hair with fingers, brush or comb to evenly distribute product
8. Leave on for at least 5 minutes
9. Rinse and style hair as desired

Style as desired thereafter!

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Bamboo Charcoal, Jasmine Cypress, Seaweed Abundance, Lavender and Peppermint Anti- Dandruff, Rose Conditioner Bar


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