A Curl Can Dream Styling System


Each infused with Manuka honey extract for moisture and definition!


This Curl Styling System from A Curl Can Dream is a pattern-preserving haircare and styling system for your curls and coils.

To Use:-

  1. Cleanse & Treat hair with A Curl Can Dream Shampoo/Co- Wash and Mask.
  2. Divide hair into manageable sections.
  3. Apply desired amount of product (less for fine hair or more for thick hair) depending on curl density to wet hair from ends to root.
  4. Scrunch curls + follow with Light Hold Gel for definition, and Light-Weight Oil added shine.
  5. Allow to air dry or diffuse.

Be sure to properly cleanse and treat hair with A Curl Can Dream Shampoo, Co-Wash & Rich Mask.

Additional information


Moisturising Cream, Light Hold Gel, Lightweight Oil

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