Curli Beauti Spray Bottle


Use this refillable, reusable misting bottle to slightly dampen hair for product application or reactivation.

300 mL capacity.


This Curli Beauti branded, misting spray bottle features the following:-

Propellant-free, airless sprayer
Consistent spray pattern
Fine droplet size
Ergonomic design
Effortless, continuous spraying at any angle
10oz or approximately 300ml capacity
Refillable and reusable
Approximately 99% bottle evacuation

Use your spray bottle to re-wet hair while applying and layering styling products. Lightly mist hair daily to reactivate styling products and revive curls.

To Use:

1. Hold item with both hands, one on sprayer the other on the bottle.
2. Turn sprayer and bottle in opposite directions to unlock.
3. Remove sprayer and fill bottle with water.
4. Reinsert sprayer into bottle and turn to lock.
5. Pull trigger to release fine mist.
6. Spray hair with water to your heart’s desire.

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