Mizani Artful Edges


Perfect for creating artistic details around the hairline or keeping sleek styles and flyaways in place.

50 mL | 1.6 fl. oz


Mizani Artful Edges is a universal, edge-taming gel that helps lay and smooth the hairline or create artistic details, maintains sleek styles, and tames flyaways.

This non-flaking, strong-hold formula stays put where you want it and washes out without a fight.

Suitable for any hair type and Medium-Thick hair textures.

Infused with:-

– Castor Oil: To leave hair smooth, strong, and shiny.
– Shea Butter: Naturally moisturises the hair and scalp.


  1. Apply Mizani Artful Edges Styling Balm to clean, dry hair.
  2. Use your fingertips to apply a small amount to your hairline or sleek style OR use a preferred styling tool to sculpt and smooth hair as desired for a flake-free finish.

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