Olivia Garden Detangler Brush


Quick, easy & pain free detangling. Gentle on hair & scalp.


The Olivia Garden Detangler Brush will give you:-

  • Quick, easy and pain-free detangling for medium to thick hair types
  • Bristles are firm, but bendable. No more hair snapping or ends breaking off
  • Comfortable ball point tips
  • Gentle on scalp and hair – no more tears from big or little ones
  • Great for detangling and brushing
  • Removable cushion for easy cleaning in front and behind cushion
  • Scalp hugging design
  • Bristles actively massage the scalp and help promote hair growth

To Clean The Olivia Garden Detangler Brush :-

1. Remove trapped, loose hair from bristles
2. Squeeze sides of cushion and lift to remove
3. Soak pieces in an anti bacterial or microbial solution
4. Remove debris from in front and behind cushion
5. Let pieces dry and reassemble for use. No more dirty brushes!

Available in Purple.

REMEMBER: Always detangle from ends up to roots. We recommend you start with finger detangling then go through the hair with a brush. Work on detangling hair in sections so you do not feel overwhelmed with all of it at once. Pin or clip up detangled section and move on to the next.

Also try the ALL-IN-ONE Coconut Infusion Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray, a multi-benefit leave on spray. Works great as a detangling aid!

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