Mizani Lacers


Create fun, free-formed curls with great definition and hold. Includes 24 lacers.


Create healthy looking, heatless texture and definition with this innovative way to set curls on relaxed and natural hair using the Mizani Lacers.

-Soft texture tools, so easy on the scalp.
-Can be slept on comfortably.
-Hair dries faster wrapped on lacers due to soft material.
-Bendable to achieve multiple curl shapes and varying patterns.

Gone are the days of hard curling rods and hot tools. Mizani introduces Lacers to the textured hair scene. Today, texture is embraced, and even straight-haired clients are looking to join the movement. Lacers are a styling tool that can be used in combination with Mizani products to give different types of waves and curls to the hair.

– Make sure the appropriate product is being used for hair type.
– Understand the wave/curl pattern you are trying to achieve in order to know which way to wrap the hair.
– Use end papers for control of fly away ends while drying.

Let you next Wet Set include Mizani Lacers.

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