True Textures Curl Styling Collection


Style your curls & coils to YOUR liking!



True Textures helps you stay TRUE to the natural texture you were born with and give your curl friends something to talk about. There is something for each texture:- wavy, curly and coily.

First prep hair with True Textures Shampoo, Mask and Conditioner then procedure to style as desired.


  1. Always apply styling products to wet/damp hair to lock in hydration.
  2. Brush or comb product through to evenly distribute though-out hair.
  3. Scrunch products into hair to encourage curl formation.
  4. Air dry or diffuse dry on high heat and low air flow.

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Perfect Coil Oil Gel, Curl Enhancing Lotion, Curl Define Pudding, Twist and Coil Jelly, Coil Stretching Cream 100 mL, Coil Stretching Cream 250 mL, Sleek Holding Gel 100 mL, Sleek Holding Gel 250 mL

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