Protect Your Hair at a Paint Party

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Our hair should not stop us from anything, not even a FETE!

Protect Your Hair at a Paint Party

But, if you do have pre-lightened hair, the rules are a little more strict. Hair becomes more porous (an increased ability to absorb) when it undergoes such an intense chemical procedure like highlighting or “bleaching” as the name implies. The lightened hair would literally SUCK UP anything that lands on it. This includes water, product, or any MOLECULE from any source (colour – meant for hair or not, chlorine, metals, etc.).

Depositing colour on a light base would show more vivid results. For example, writing on white or light coloured paper v.s. black or dark coloured paper. Hence the reason for pre-lightening hair before apply a semi permanent (fashion) colour.

With these two properties alone, having coloured powders of unknown origin land on your light coloured hair, coupled with water would cause STAINS. Making them very difficult to remove. Often times the outfit you wore to the fete is also discoloured beyond saving and you would have to throw it out. Why risk ruining your pre-lightened hair and wasting all the money and time you put into having and maintaining it?

Here are a few tips to protect your hair and save us hairdressers and your pocket from the agony of colour removal:-


  1. Restore your locks and with a deep conditioning treatment to help even out hair porosity.
  2. On wet hair apply an adequate layer of conditioner/oil and brush through for even distribution to create a barrier between your hair and the colour.
  3. Pull hair back in braids or a bun and cover your hair completely with a hat, wig, bandana.


  1. Rinse hair with COLD water until it runs clear. Cold water keeps the hair cuticle CLOSED to avoid colour penetrating the hair shaft.
  2. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove any stubborn dye molecules, a deep conditioning treatment to restore hair’s moisture and protein balance and finally a regular conditioner to lock in the treatment.

Prevent is always better than cure. Take proactive measure to protect your hair from colour stains.

If you saw this blog after the fact we can always book a Colour Fix to restore your hair.

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