Styling Preparation

Prep Essentials for Mobile/Up-Do Styling Service

Here are a few tips to ensure your styles holds ups!

Client Style Preparation Protocol

Scheduling a Mobile/Up-Do Styling Service for your Special Event? Prep is KEY to ensuring they LAST! Please follow our tips to guarantee better Style Longevity.


If you have dry, damaged hair and you cannot recall when your last trim was, I would recommend a Deep Conditioning Treatment and Haircut the week prior to your Styling Service.

The Deep Conditioning Treatment helps to replenish the hair of moisture and/or protein to help smooth, restore and strengthen hair so it can feel its best. 

The Cut would properly shape the hair by removing brittle, split ends and excess weight. If you want to achieve a bouncy, voluminous style with straight/wavy hair, a LAYERED HAIRCUT is a MUST. 

Especially if your hair is thick and/or long, the weight of your hair ALONE would stretch out a heat curl in a few hours, causing it to fall flat.

A Layered Haircut blends shorter pieces in some areas (like around the face and the top of the head/crown) and maintains the length of the hair at the back. These shorter pieces are lighter and can help to hold curls/waves longer.

Start with a Clean Canvas

Clean hair is cleared of any products/natural oils etc. that could weight hair down and makes room for volumising/holding products best suited for your hair type and style choice. 

Perform a deep cleanse on hair 12-48 hours before Styling Service. If you have a Clarifying Shampoo, that will be excellent. Clarify once, then follow up with your regular Shampoo.

If you don’t have a Clarifying Shampoo, you can use your regular shampoo until you get a fluffy lather (after about 2 to 3 washes).

Start by throughly rinsing hair with warm water until the water is no longer cloudy and runs clear. Properly saturating with water lifts off any water soluable products so you use LESS Shampoo. 

Add a 5 cent amount of shampoo to hands, emulsify (spread together in palms) and apply to the SCALP ONLY. Start from the middle of the head and work your way out to the hairline/perimeter, manipulating with fingertips (NOT NAILS, this can scrape/injure scalp) to distribute and work shampoo onto scalp. Apply more water to help activate product, especially with concentrated professional shampoos.

Manipulate scalp throughly and leave shampoo on for 2 minutes. This gives it time to lift dirt, oil, product residue etc. Rinse hair properly and repeat with second shampoo.

TT Coin Comparison

This helps to give a visual on the amount of Hair Product you should dispense.

Lightly Moisturise & Allow Hair to Dry in it's Natural State

If you have fine hair, DO NOT CONDITION after shampooing. A light leave in conditioning spray (applied to ENDS ONLY) and your natural oils will be sufficient. 

If you have medium/thick and dry hair you can condition after shampooing. ALWAYS squeeze out the excess water before applying conditioner to avoid diluting it. 

Start with a 50 cent amount of conditioner, emulsify in hands, apply on the length of your hair from the EARS DOWN, focusing on the ends. AVOID ROOTS (can create heaviness that will affect volume). Leave on for 3- 5 mins. Rinse with cool/cold water. Apply a light leave in conditioning spray (to ENDS only and brush through to distribute) and allow hair to dry (air dry/diffuse) in it’s natural state.

You Are Ready To Style!

Depending on your Style Inspiration, we could utilise your natural hair pattern by defining it with suitable products/methods or we can change your natural hair pattern with heat from a flat or curling iron (thermal protection is a MUST). 

Either way, working on the base I suggested above allows for more control and the BEST POSSIBLE foundation to achieve your desired outcome. 

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