Curly Highlights

curly highlights

Yes! Even curly girls can achieve highlights. But, our hair is a bit more fragile after the chemical process and will require attentive aftercare to maintain the integrity of the hair.


1. We will need to firstly assess if the hair is even in a state to undergo this chemical service. Severely compromised hair will need to be declined or find an alternative solution.

2. Because of our Caribbean and mixed heritage, our hair is naturally dark. So lifting it to a lighter colour takes TIME and PATIENCE. This can range from a couple hours (3-9 hours) to even over multiple sessions.

3. Decide on what you want your end colour to be AND ensure that it complements your skin tone.


4. Use a colour preserving, sulphate free shampoo & conditioner. These gently cleanse, nourish and maintain your colour vibrancy between hairdresser visits.

5. Add more deep treatments to your hair routine. We literally SUCKED the natural pigmentation OUT of your hair. Thus, we need to replenish it with a balance of hydration and protein to keep it happy.

6. Use a DAILY leave in conditioner that provides UV and heat protection. Additional protection from the sun and hot tools (which could both turn air YELLOW) is required. So too from other chemicals (like chlorine from a pool that could turn your hair GREEN).

7. Protect your hair (with a hat/bandana/braids) at paint parties PLEASE. The residue can STAIN your hair and can be difficult to remove.

8. Occasionally tone your hair to maintain the highlights’ richness. This is achieved temporarily from a weekly blue/purple shampoo/treatment/spray. For longer lasting results, a Demi Glaze (colour service) is done every 6-8 weeks to refresh highlights and neutralise unwanted tones.

So healthy, curly highlights IS possible. The commitment to MAINTENANCE of the look can make or break the hair, literally. Hope this was helpful!

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