World Beard Day Grooming Tips

As we celebrate World Beard Day, let us take the time to share the necessities for a groomed, healthy-looking and manly beard.

world beard day

So as a bearded brethren; changing tyres, playing sports, knocking a few cold ones back or being a Viking are the norm. But taking care of your beard should also be an important part of your daily routine. Regular care and maintenance keeps your beard and face healthy, makes styling easier as well as adds to your overall attractiveness.

  1. Wash your beard regularly. Use gentle, sulphate-free shampoo to clear away crumbs, sweat, oil and debris at least two to three times per week.
  2. Keep your beard hydrated and conditioned. After shampoo, follow up with conditioner. Massage a few drops of oil into the base of damp beard and work fingers through to the hair ends.
  3. Trim your beard and neckline regularly. Every few weeks, fix uneven patches, long spots etc. Follow the natural contour of the face. Constantly brush as go to avoid over-trimming.
  4. Stay healthy. Maintain a well-balanced diet, sleeping routine and sanity.

Tell us how you spent your World Beard Day in the comments below!

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